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Obama: "No More Serious Issue On A Presidential Campaign Than Trust"

At a campaign event in Iowa today, President Obama pushed the issue of trust. "Trust matters," Obama said. Obama told supporters they could find video of things he said 10 years ago and you'd know it's the "same guy." Transcript below.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: And we joke about Romnesia, but all of this speaks to something that's really important and that is the issue of trust. There's no more serious issue on a presidential campaign than trust. Trust matters. And here's the thing, Iowa, you know me. You know -- you know that I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

There's some folks in this crowd who have probably been following me since I was running for the United States Senate.

You could take a videotape of things I said 10 years ago, 12 years ago and you'd say, 'Man this is the same guy. Has the same values. Cares about the same people. Doesn't forget where he came from. Knows who he's fighting for.' And you know what? I haven't finished all the work that we set out to do back in 2008. But I have fought for you the every single day that I've held this office. And with your help, I've kept the commitments that I have made.

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