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Brit Hume: Romney Was Smooth, Fluid And Well Informed

BRIT HUME: "Mitt Romney had a job tonight and that was to come across as a plausible commander in chief. It would have been very damaging to him if there had been areas of the world and subject matters raised by the questions or raised by the president that he didn't seem to really know anything about. I didn't detect such a moment. He seemed to me smooth, and fluid and well informed about all the matters that came to hand and he had something to say about all of them. I don't think it hurt him that he and the president didn't have broad disagreements about some of these matters because I don't think these are the issues on which the election is likely to be decided. I do think that he did effectively use the economy and the weakness of the economy as a weapon in a debate about foreign policy and our position in the world."

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