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Mark Levin: How Does Obama Select Personnel Without Using Binders?

MARK LEVIN: They've been hammering on this binder issue you've heard all day long because of Romney said during the debate, you know he asked his people to put together hundreds of qualified people. They he'd go through the binders and, you know he'd pick people to interview in something and most of us thought, 'Okay who cares? Great.' But the Obama braintrust said, 'We've got him! We've got him now! He used the word binders. He's calling binders!'

You have to really be screwed up to find this offensive, really screwed up. I was listening to Rush talk about this and a little alarm went off in my head. I said 'wait a minute.' When I served as an Associate Director, presidential personnel in the White House during Ronald Reagan's presidency, we put together binders all the time. People would send in resumes who wanted jobs, people who worked in the campaign would give us resumes. They wanted jobs. There were positions that required certain types of expertise. We go out look for resumes, or do research, contact people who served prior administration, or had advised the president before.

We put all this information together, computerized, but a certain number of these positions -- these are all non-civil service, non-career positions -- required the president's attention. Presidential appointments in particular, that's what we called them. Appointments that required the advice and consent of the Senate, including judges. And among other things, I was responsible for putting together information about judicial candidates for my boss, who was the assistant to the president for presidential personnel, John Herrington. I put them together at that time for the counselor to the president, Edwin Meese, and others. And I often put together four binders. When they would meet, I believe it was every week or every other week, something like that, to discuss, for instance, judicial nominations. And I'd put these binders together. One would go to Counselor Meese, one would go to the assistant to the president, John Herrington, one would go to Jim Baker, Chief of Staff to the president, and one would go to the president.

Binders. You know, loose leaf notebooks? Now at the time I had no idea that I was a misogynist. At the time I had no idea that I was discriminating against women when I was putting these binders together. Plus now it's come to light, according to the Obama campaign, that the president should just sit there and know everybody who's anybody, and off the top of their heads just decide, 'Oh, I know a woman for that job. Oh, I know a man for that job. Oh, I know a black guy for that job and a Hispanic guy for that got that job. I know a white guy for that.' So they just sit and these things just pop out of their heads, 'So okay, you'll be the head of the Commerce Department, you're going to run the Education Department, you'll be the head of the EPA, you can be on the Fourth Circuit, you can be on the Tenth Circuit at this district.' They should just pop right out of his head, right? Or should the staff do some research and hard work to find the best candidates they can in service to the present the United States?

So when Romney said he told hi people, you know, 'Go out there and, you know, I want to see some qualified woman, I don't any women here and they would put binders together.' That's kind of normal. And then suddenly I see these ads in the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia that that's sexist. Sexist? When you're trying to find the most qualified people among those who are seeking jobs and among those experts that you may want to tap into bring into an administration, that's sexist? Reaching out, looking for all kinds of people with all kinds of background, asking people to put binders together, notebooks together with this information? There's something wrong with that? And I realize, boy, this administration really is screwed up. It's so screwed up.


Now here's my question, I posted this earlier today and I want to repeat it for all of you, the millions of Levin fans: How exactly did and does does Obama decide who to appoint to over 3,000 non-career positions in his administration, including his senior positions? How does his office of presidential personnel recruit candidates? How does it process and collate resumes, present options for the president for selecting candidates for top posts? And if Obama is not presented with a binder of qualified candidates, exactly how does he make his decision? What is he presented with and in what form? (Mark Levin Show, October 18, 2012)

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