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Andrew Sullivan Back In Obama Camp: "I Am Bloody Elated"

"I saw the president I thought I knew and I didn’t see last time. I am bloody elated, put it that way, that he’s back and he’s got the momentum," Andrew Sullivan, a formerly deflated Obama supporter, said on MSNBC tonight.

“I saw the person I first saw in 2007. I saw the guy I watched get health care reform passed. I saw the guy who listed the ban on gays in the military. I saw the guy who turned the economy around tonight," Sullivan said.

"I've always believed in Obama as a ruthless character in the end. And I saw a wimp last time around, a lazy, out of it, wimp. And tonight, I think he totally realized how badly he screwed up and he's made it right. And he's done that before and you just got to, I think, give him a break on that first debate, even though I didn't. But this was, this was the real tonic I certainly need and I think a lot of Obama supporters needed," Sullivan said.

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