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Pelosi: "Validation" Of Romney Will "Take Us To A Period Before Lyndon Johnson"

In an interview with former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Mich.) on her Current TV show, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali) declared President Obama will win the election in November. The former Speaker of the House went as far to say speculating otherwise is "remote."

The optimistic Pelosi also warned what a Romney presidency or Republican controlled Senate may look like and cautioned the party would "take us to a period before Lyndon Johnson."

"This is a realm of speculation that is so remote," Pelosi said about the prospect of Romney winning. "The president is going to win. Four weeks from today we will have the election. Four weeks from tomorrow morning we want to have no regrets."

"Everybody has to take personal responsibility, and if there was anything that came out of the debate it was to say that we all have to do everything in our power to make sure the president wins and the Senate holds, and perhaps grows in numbers, and that we win the House and in doing so, send a clear message. Because if there is a validation of their position it will take us to a period before Lyndon Johnson on Medicare, a pillar of economic and health security for seniors and how that affects their families," Pelosi said on Current TV's "The War Room."

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