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Krauthammer On Big Bird Ad: "I Hope They Just Keep Running It Until The End Of Time"

"This could be the worst ad I've ever seen. I make an appeal to people in Chicago, run this ad every night over and over again, spend all of your money and time on this. This is an ad that is trivial, it diminishes the presidency. It assumes, of course, that everybody wants to subsidize a company that, as we heard from Shannon [Bream] is a third of a billion dollar enterprise," Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight.

And for Obama to be talking about it -- I love the way he said this is the biggest driver of the debt. The biggest driver of our debt, according to Obama himself, is Medicare, he's done nothing on that. And it was the same rip on Medicare that Romney mentioned PBS as the way to say we're going to go from the biggest expenditures to the most trivial expenditures because we have to go after everything when we have a deficit this large. And just as an additional thing for anybody to run an ad that reminds people of the worst debate that any president has ever had, I think is a big mistake and I hope they just keep running it until the end of time.

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