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Newt Gingrich On Romney Tax Plan: "I Think It's Clearly Changed"

NEWT GINGRICH: First of all, Romney has said to the degree they can’t get the loopholes closed in Congress, he’ll reduce the tax break. That he’s going to stick to the principle. It’s going to pay for itself. Second, there’s a genuine intellectual argument over whether you should count economic growth. Simpson and Bowles don’t count economic growth. People who do, two Harvard economists came out this week and said 58 billion dollars a year higher growth. Third, Romney has an energy plan which-- which dramatically expands American oil and gas. The royalties alone are worth 750 billion dollars over the next 20 years to the federal government. Fourth, I think you got to look carefully at how Romney structures what he said is something that-- frankly, the true supply side is don’t necessarily love but it’s good politics. He said I will close enough deductions that wealthy Americans will not get a net tax cut. Now, that’s a pretty clear description.

ROBERT GIBBS: Right. And it’s impossible. Let me just say this. Standing on the stage with you in Arizona, this is what Mitt Romney said. Number one, I said today we’re going to cut taxes on everyone across the country-- across the country by 20 percent including the top one percent. Mister Speaker, you mentioned that your opponent, Mitt Romney, had a problem with being dishonest in the primary. My question is, was he dishonest when he said that?

MR. GINGRICH: I think it's clearly changed.

MR. GIBBS: We don’t disagree that he changed. (Meet the Press, October 7, 2012)

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