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Krauthammer: Obama Is Uncomfortable With The Presence, Rightness And Justice Of American Preeminence

Charles Krauthammer on Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech: It wasn't a speech about Afghanistan, it was a speech about Obama and his relation with American power and preeminence. The point was, it was subtle but I think it was the theme of the whole speech, is that Obama is uncomfortable with either the presence, the rightness, the justice and the use of American preeminence in the region and he will reassert it with a sense of America's rightness and thus, the specifics will follow.

Align with your friends and support them unquestionably, oppose your enemies, unlike Obama with Iran, and oppose them unquestionably and in the end provide the defense, the means and material, to back our word in the region. So it's a larger issue than just apologizing here and there. And even though people aren't aggressive in wanting to reintroduce our troops in Afghanistan or Iraq, but they want a sense that America is preeminent and isn't ashamed of it or afraid of it and that's what Romney conveyed today.

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