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Hilary Rosen: Voters Aren't "Binary" And "Only Care About Economy"

DAVID GREGORY, "MEET THE PRESS" MODERATOR: Hilary Rosen, one of the things that you’ve been talking about is the president’s record. How he runs on his record, but then how he also leans forward as well. David Brooks’ column on Friday struck me, complimentary of Governor Romney, and he wrote this about the challenge for the president. Politically, the president will have to go back to portraying Romney as a flip-flopper instead of an ideologue. Substantively, Obama will have to kindle new passion. So far, he’s seemed driven by the negative passion of stopping Republican extremism. He’ll have to develop a positive passion for something he actually wants to do do in a second term.

HILARY ROSEN: Yeah. Well, I-- I think he might be right to this degree. But President Obama has a record. I mean, we have completely changed how education is being evaluated, the president’s race to the top, support for community colleges. We’ve invested in new alternative energies because everybody knows despite what Mitt Romney said that the only way we’re going to become energy independent is with a mix of energy sources. He has provided health care so much to the extent that Mitt Romney started to claim credit again for what he could do in health care. This-- this actually is a president with a record beyond just digging us out of our-- our jobs hole. And I think, though, that it’s important when we look at the going forward. Going forward isn’t just about the economy, because people don’t live in that binary world where they only care about the economy. Yes, it’s the most important issue. But if you’re a mom, worried about your reproductive health and having to buy insurance separately from your family to-- to get-- to pay for that, you know, that’s an extra burden on your economic issues. If you’re an immigrant, you know, worrying about whether your family is going to be deported or your kid is going to be able to stay in high school, that’s an extra burden that you have to worry about. If you’re a gay or lesbian worried about whether you’re going to get fired from your job because President Obama wants to protect your job and Mitt Romney doesn’t, that’s an extra thing you have to worry about.

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