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Krauthammer: Romney's Debate Performance Undoes $100 Million Worth Of Negative Advertising

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I don't think that they are overreacting, but they are desperate. What else can they possibly say? Look, here is the one time where the two adversaries are out there unfiltered by the media which had been so in the tank to Obama that they actually have snorkeling gear these guys. So this is something that you can't pretty up, everybody saw it. It was very straight, the moderator had no control of the event which is exactly the way it should be. He shouldn't be in the way.

All they can say is, 'Well, the other guy won because he was lying.' In fact, the reason that Romney won is because he had the audacity in the first five minutes to go after the two central falsehoods of all of the ads Obama has been running incessantly in Ohio in great effect. I mean, the Romney negatives are the highest of any challenger since that same Walter Mondale. And the main themes of these is, number one, Romney has a plan to raise taxes on the middle class, which is absolutely false. And the one report it's based on was updated to say that they actually had looked at again and there's no reason under their assumptions that Romney would ever have to raise taxes on the middle class. So that's number one.

And the second is that he wants to reduce the taxes on the rich. So Romney knowing all the damage that has done, he went out there and said, 'Number one, I will cut taxes across the board, particularly on the middle class,' and second, he made a distinction that liberals are simply unable to understand, the distinction between lowering tax rates and lowering tax revenues. He wants to lower the rates for the rich and for everybody else, but he says by eliminating loopholes and deductions to which the rich have more access than anybody else, they will broaden the base and either leave the revenue neutral or increase the revenue. And what he says is I will not allow the share of the taxes that the rich are paying to go up and that undoes $100 million dollars worth of Obama advertising in five minutes. (Hannity, October 5, 2012)

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