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Santelli On Jobs Numbers: "Give The Fudge Before You Give The Brownie"

Rick Santelli on Squawk Box.

HOST: Why did their debate performance mean that they can’t help the economy?

STEVE LIESMAN: You’d think that if they were so good at what they did, they would…

RICK SANTELLI: I’m not saying one word. I’m not saying one word. I told you they’d
get it under 8 percent, they did. You can let America decide.

LIESMAN: Can I just give him the data, then we’ll talk about this conspiracy. The employed. The number of employed in the household survey went up by 873,000. And its gotta be the biggest rise ever.

SANTELLI: What about the participation rate?

LIESMAN: Can I just give the top line stuff here? Unemployed. The number of unemployed…

SANTELLI: Give the fudge before you give the brownie.

LIESMAN: The number of unemployed fell my 450,000.

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