October 5, 2012 Archives

October 5, 2012 Archives

Allen West Rips CNBC Anchor Over BLS Unemployment Data

MATHISEN: "You are alleging specifically that the president is engaging in a cover-up of the data. You are saying that the administration is actively manipulating that data. Correct?" WEST: "Well, absolutely. Look at what happened with our GDP numbers. Fourth-quarter GDP numbers last year were 3 percent..." MATHISEN: "Do you have any basis on

Chris Matthews vs. Jack Welch On Unemployment Numbers

MSNBC: Chris Matthews talks to former CEO of GE Jack Welch, who made news Friday morning for accusing the Labor Department of cooking the books on the good September jobs report to make President Obama look good. Welch doubles down on his accusations, though he says he has no evidence. "All I can talk about are some of the numbers. We had 600,00

Maher Rips Obama's Debate Performance: "Looked Like He Took My Million And Spent It All On Weed"

"I’m sorry, he sucked. He looked tired. He had trouble getting his answers out. It looked like he took my million and spent it all on weed," HBO's Bill Maher said on Friday's broadcast of "Real Time." "No really, I haven't seen a black man look that disinterested and annoyed since I dragged Chris Rock to that Beach Boys concert," Maher also jo

Toure: "All White" GOP Lives In "An Alternative Reality"

TOURE: They live in an alternate reality which is why we get these sort of conspiracy theories. They don’t want to blame their ideology which is hostile to blacks, gays, women, Hispanics. They already have a shrinking tent. It's an all white Party. If you just have a bunch of white people, you’re going to come up with alternate realities that d

Welch Explains Tweet Claiming Jobs Numbers Were Fixed By Obama Admin

Former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch explains his tweet from earlier this morning where he questioned the validity of the jobs numbers released by the U.S. Department of Labor. Welch's tweet: Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers— Jack Welch

Romney: Unemployment Dropped Because Americans Are Giving Up

During a campaign event in Abingdon, Virginia on Friday, Mitt Romney argued a primary reason September's unemployment rate is down is because many Americans are frustrated and have stopped looking for work altogether.

Obama: Romney's Debate Performance Better Suited For Dancing With The Stars

During a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, President Obama took his criticism of Mitt Romney's debate performance a step further, suggesting the GOP nominee's "tap dance" Wednesday night on his economic plan was better suited for "Dancing with the Stars" or "Extreme Makeover: Debate Edition."

Labor Secretary Solis "Insulted" By Claim That Job Numbers Were Rigged

"I'm insulted when I hear that, because we have a very professional civil service organization where you have top, top economists," Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said on CNBC about claims that the numbers were fixed. "These are our best trained and best skilled individuals working at the BLS. It's really ludicrous to hear that kind of statement."

Varney: "Widespread Mistrust" On New Unemployment Numbers

"There is widespread mistrust of this report and these numbers because there are clear contradictions - 873,000 people said they had found work but only 114,000 new jobs were created. That is a contradiction. If you delve a little deeper and it seems that a lot of these people who found work - that is the 873,000 - if you delve deeply, it turns out

Santelli On Jobs Numbers: "Give The Fudge Before You Give The Brownie"

Rick Santelli on Squawk Box. HOST: Why did their debate performance mean that they can’t help the economy? STEVE LIESMAN: You’d think that if they were so good at what they did, they would… RICK SANTELLI: I’m not saying one word. I’m not saying one word. I told you they’d get it under 8 percent, they did. You can let America

Left Wing Conspiracy Theory: Romney Had Cheat Sheet At Debate

Left wing blogs claim Mitt Romney pulled a 'cheat sheet' out of his pocket as he approached the podium. His campaign says it is a handkerchief. The liberal blog Daily Kos explains the theory here.

Colbert Inhales Chris Matthews' "Impotent Rage"

Colbert Report: MSNBC craps its pants over Barack Obama's debate performance, and Mr. Potato Head Chris Matthews is particularly steamed.

Obama Ad: "Mitt Romney Is Not Telling The Truth"

Obama Campaign: Mitt Romney didn't tell the truth about his tax plan, his plan for Americans with pre-existing conditions, his Medicare plan, nor the President's Medicare plan. Why would Romney not tell the truth about what he'd do as President? Because his real plans would hurt the middle class.

Obama Touts 7.8% Unemployment, Says "Country Has Come Too Far To Turn Back Now"

"Every month reminds us that we've still got too many of our friends and neighbors who are looking for work," President Obama said at a campaign event in Virginia today. "Today's news certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. It is a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now."

Jon Stewart: Romney Won By Lying His Ass Off The Entire Night

Daily Show: Mitt Romney crushes President Obama by lying the entire night, and moderator Jim Lehrer tries to figure out the differences between them.

O'Donnell Rips Media For Deciding Winner Of Debate For Everyone Else

MSNBC: The political media covers presidential debates as if they are sporting events. MSNBC’s Lawrence explains why that’s a big mistake in the latest Rewrite. (The Last Word)

"Special Report" Panel Previews Upcoming Debates

The panel discusses the upcoming debates, primarily the vice-presidential debate on October 11th.

Walsh: Romney "Will Say Anything" To Close A Deal

Chris Matthews, Joan Walsh and Willie Brown discuss Wednesday night's debate.

O'Reilly: Obama Was "A Boring College Professor" In Debate

O'Reilly discusses Wednesday night's presidential debate in Denver, Colorado.

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