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Gibbs: Middle Class Has Been Buried "Dealing With Bad Economic Decisions From Former Administration"

On CBS's "This Morning" on Wednesday, Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs defended Vice President's comment that the middle class has been "buried" for the past four years.

"We had eight years of horrific economic decisions: Tax cuts for the very wealthy, Wall Street writing its own rules. It culminated in an economic disaster that took place about four years ago, of which we've had to dig out from each day of the last four years," Gibbs said.

"Let's be clear, the middle class has been buried for a lot longer than the time that we've been dealing with bad economic decisions from the former administration," Gibbs added.

On MSNBC "Morning Joe" today, deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter also weighed in on the "buried" comment controversy and said "we're not blaming our predecessor by any means."

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