October 2, 2012 Archives

October 2, 2012 Archives

Obama 2007's Race Speech: No More Highways Out In The Suburbs

Daily Caller reports: The racially charged and at times angry speech undermines Obama’s carefully-crafted image as a leader eager to build bridges between ethnic groups. For nearly 40 minutes, using an accent he almost never adopts in public, Obama descri

Coulter On Race Tape: "He Just Turns It On & Suddenly We Got Malcolm X"

Ann Coulter: Obama is such a fraud. He grew up in Beverly Hills 90210 existence but is just desperate to have this angry black person persona. It's rather like reading about, you know, Hitler's musings on his Germanic identity. You know, he graduated from this fancy, fancy school in Hawaii, voted recently the greenest school in America. And yet whe

Maddow On Obama Tape: Right Wants You To Believe He's "Way More Black Than He Seems To You Now"

MSNBC's RACHEL MADDOW: "This is supposed to make you believe that in this tape from before he was president, Barack Obama is revealing his secret plan to be way more black than he seems to you now. This is how he snuck into the White House, right? People didn't know he was this black and if they would have known he was this black, they never would

Tucker Carlson On Obama: "This Guy Is Whipping Up Race Hatred And Fear"

Daily Caller Editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson explains why his organization will be posting the full 40 minute video of then-Senator Obama's remarks: "Every minute. Of course because we will be relentlessly attacked on two grounds. One, people say, 'this has alre

Krauthammer On Defense Layoffs: "This Administration Specializes In Lawlessness"

On "Special Report" tonight, FOX contributor Charles Krauthammer opined on the Obama administration advising defense contractors to not notify employees about layoffs 60 days in advance in direct violation of the WARN Act. "The idea that Juan is saying that you don't want panic or anxiety. The union allies of the President who have for years dem

Cheney: Obama Administration "Involved In A Cover Up" Of Libya Attack

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY: I think the danger from [the Obama Administration’s] standpoint is that this whole episode of Benghazi demonstrates that they don’t have a handle on foreign policy and national security matters. They like to go out and say, “bin Laden is dead. Terrorism is dead, al Qaeda is dead, and, you know, we’re great

Defending Our Democracy: Obama's October Surprise

The America Foundation: Could this really happen? Would The President of the United States really take advantage of a National Security Crisis to influence the election? www.DefendingOurDemocracy.com

Obama Campaign's James Kvaal: Obama Only Added 12% To National Debt

James Kvaal, the policy directory for Obama's reelection campaign, says Mitt Romney has made misleading claims about the national debt while also saying President Obama has only added $1.4 trillion, or 12%, to the debt. Kvaal says Obama took action to stop the economic free fall that he inherited from the previous administration. Kvaal only m

Paul Ryan: "We Agree" With Biden About Middle Class Being "Buried" Under Obama

At a rally this afternoon, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan responded to Vice President Joe Biden's remark that the middle class has been "buried" under President Obama. "We agree. That means we need to stop d

Gutfeld Rips Media "Enablers" For Not Demanding Answers On Libya

From FOX News' The Five on October 2, 2012.

Biden: Middle Class "Has Been Buried The Last Four Years"

"This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest. How they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years? How in the Lord's name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts," Vice President Joe Biden said at a campaign event in North Carolina today.

Rumsfeld: Obama Officials "Wanted" Video To Be Cause Of Attack

"Well you're you're you're quite right, they made a terrible mistake," former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said about the Obama administration's handling of the attack in Libya. "I think what they did was -- you know hope springs eternal, they wanted it to be the YouTube. And it was much more convenient from the administration's standpoint

Jon Stewart Mocks Debate Expectations Game

Daily Show: Americans look to the presidential debates not for coherent ideology, but for assurances the next president isn't going to be a weirdo who thinks he is better than them.

O'Reilly: Most Government Programs Don't Work

O'Reilly discusses the election and voters' pocketbooks.

Paul Ryan: Obama "Not Telling The Truth About What We're Proposing"

"The president is not telling the truth about what we're proposing," Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said to Bloomberg TV's Peter Cook. "He can't run on his record, so he has to distort Mitt Romney's record, he has to divide the country, distort our record to distract the country to win by default. He's been successful at doing that. He's been putting a lo

Full Senate Debate: Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren

Incumbent Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) and Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren participate in a debate on October 1, 2012.

Bevan: Debate An "Opportunity" For Romney

RealClearPolitics Co-Founder and Executive Editor Tom Bevan and Charlie Stone discuss the upcoming presidential debate. CHARLIE STONE: Tom, it’s been an interesting week. Tell me, what do you think is coming around the bend in the next five or six days? BEVAN: Well, we have got the first presidential debate coming up on Wednesda

"Special Report" Panel On The Election In Colorado

The "Special Report" panel of Colorado journalists discusses the politics of Colorado and how it feels about the issues and candidates of the presidential race.

Walsh: Romney "Isn't A Terribly Likable Person"

Chris Matthews, Bob Shrum and Joan Walsh preview Wednesday's presidential debate.

Toobin: If Ginsburg Leaves During Romney Presidency, Roe v. Wade Will Be Overturned

Lawrence O'Donnell and Jeffrey Toobin discuss the election and possible Supreme Court appointees.

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