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Krauthammer Gives Debate Advice: Obama's "Weak Point Is That He Is Thin-Skinned"

"It looks a little bit ridiculous," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about debate posturing from both the Romney and Obama campaigns. "Each side is pretending that the other can't even speak English. Obviously, I don't think it's going to have any effect. Romney did do rather well in his debates. He got better. He's done a lot of them, but people are saying well, Obama hasn't debated in all this time."

"Obama is really good," Krauthammer observed. "And he did come out of nowhere, he beat the Cinton machine. He did it in part in his debates, in his oratory. So I think he's going to be strong. I think his one weak point is that he is thin-skinned. You occasionally will see it in the press conference."

"And if Romney can manage to get under his skin in some way. I think that actually happened in '08, [in] one or two of the Clinton debates. I think it could, sort of, puncture that aura that Obama had. I don't think it will be any way decisive. I think the one thing that's going to help Romney is that simply being on the stage is always true of the challenger, just being on the same stage as the president instantly raises your stature. And I think if he can hold his own and perhaps prevail to even a minor extent he will reverse momentum which has been rather negative in the last couple of week," Krauthammer said.

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