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Coulter On Polls: More People Claiming They'll Vote For Black Candidate Than Actually Will

ANN COULTER: The media is in war mode, they want Obama reelected because he is the most left-wing president we have ever had and also they love calling his opponent's racist. That's the main thing, it makes them feel good about themselves. The only non-racists in America.

And I notice that every time the polls are wrong, and they've been wrong a lot, they're never wrong toward us. Never. What they're trying to do is create the Florida panhandle in the 2000 election. Remember when they called Florida for Gore and the polls were still open and people didn't come out and vote? I don't understand the phenomenon. If I hear my guy was losing, that would make me rush out even more to the polls. But apparently most people like to vote for a winner. This is all a crock. And remember the exit polls in 2004? We were all depressed at noon that day because the exit polls?

Everyone on air, you could see it and even though you guys … I think Drudge was and all the faces on FOX News, the conservatives were very, very long, very sad. It turns out it was completely wrong. They always have an excuse. 'Oh, we sent out female graduate students, they only talked to Democrats. Oh, sorry, we called the panhandle early, that was a mistake.'

What about the Bradley effect? That's why they always overestimate the vote for a black candidate. 'Oops, because are lying to us.' Somehow the mistake is always against Republicans.

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