September 30, 2012 Archives

September 30, 2012 Archives

Univision Special On Fast & Furious' Connection To Massacre Of Mexican Teens

The above video is of Univision's special investigation on the connection between Fast & Furious and the massacre of nearly 60 Mexican teenagers. "On January 30, 2010, a commando of at least 20 hit men parked themselves outside a birthday party of high school and college students in Villas de Salvarcar, Ciudad Juarez. Near midnight, the assassin

"Reliable Sources" Panel On Media Creating Debate Drama

Ana Marie Cox, Ramesh Ponnuru, Chrystia Freeland and Howard Kurtz discuss the media build-up to the presidential debate.

Paul Ryan: One Debate Isn't "Going To Make Or Break" The Campaign

“We’re running against an incumbent president. We’re running against an incumbent president with incredible resources. But more importantly, I don’t think one event is going to make or break this campaign. Look, President Obama is a very -- he’s a very gifted speaker. The man’s been on the national stage for many years, he’s an experi

Plouffe: "Good Debater" Romney "Has More Benefit Out Of This Debate" Than Obama

"Challengers tend to do really well in debates. That's been the history. We've believed all along that Governor Romney probably has more benefit out of this debate, potentially, than we do," Obama adviser David Plouffe said on ABC's "This Week" today. "He's prepared more than any candidate I think maybe in history, certainly in recent memory. So

Sabato: Almost Impossible Obama Wins By '08 Margin

University of Virginia's Larry Sabato says he thinks the "real margin is actually quite close."

NBC's Gregory: Was It "Inappropriate" For Obama To Fundraise "Knowing It Was A Terrorist Attack?"

NBC's DAVID GREGORY: "Was it inappropriate for him to go to a fundraiser the day after this attack now in retrospect knowing that it was a terrorist attack, inappropriate for him to engage in politics as usual?" OBAMA SENIOR CAMPAIGN ADVISOR PLOUFFE: "No. The president obviously is 24/7 engaged in the job of the presidency. He has spent an enor

"This Week" Roundtable On The State Of The Election

Haley Barbour, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, and Maggie Haberman discuss the state of the 2012 election.

Gov. Christie: This Race Will Be "Turned Upside Down" After Debate

"This whole race is going to turn upside down come Thursday morning," Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said about this week's presidential debate. "He's going to lay out his vision for America. And the first time a majority of the people who are going to vote in this race will have an opportunity to make that direct comparison."

"FOX News Sunday" Panel Previewing The Debates

Bill Kristol, Liz Marlantes, Laura Ingraham and Juan Williams preview Wednesday’s debate.

Preview: Univision's "Bombshell" Report On Fast & Furious Operation

Univision's investigative report will air Sunday night at 7pm ET.

"Face The Nation" Panel: Romney Has To Debate Well

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Larry Sabato and Bob Shrum discuss where the president stands in the polls and agree Mitt Romney needs to perform well on Wednesday.

"Meet The Press" Panel On The Upcoming Debates

A panel of experts looks at the upcoming debate and the state of the presidential campaign.

Ryan: As a Conservative I've Long Believed There's Inherent Media Bias

PAUL RYAN: I think it kind of goes without saying that there is definitely a media bias. We’ve - look - I’m a conservative person. I’m used to media bias. We expected media bias. That’s why we’re trying to cut through and go straight to people. That’s why, when you hear people out in Washington complain about media bias, come out into t

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