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Krauthammer On Libya: "It's A Mystery Why Romney Can't Seize The Moment On This"

Syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer weighs in on Romney's missed opportunity on Libya. Transcript below.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, you read the DNI statement today, it's clearly a cover your rump statement for people at the political end of this. The other point is, you read this nonsense that the DNI put out and you say, 'Is this what we are spending $50-60 billion a year on to get intelligence?' Look, Jonah raised a point that this is an issue when your embassy is sacked, your ambassador is killed, embassies are attacked from Indonesia all the way to Tunisia, you've got a problem and you should expect some slippage in the president's numbers on the handling of foreign affairs. But as Jonah pointed out, it's hasn't become a larger issue because there hasn't been connected to anything outside.

And that's where I think that you get a failure of the Romney campaign. This was an opportunity for Romney to make the case, to make a speech, to make at least an argument about how the policy of this administration, which essentially [is] apology and appeasement, has simply been tried and not worked. Instead, Romney made one statement about the Cairo embassy dispatch, in which I think that Romney was correct, but he was savagely attacked by the media over that even though it was vindicated when the Obama administration said the exactly the same thing. It was an awful statement a little bit later.

But after that one-off hit, there was no speech, there was no attempt to connect. The Romney people will say, 'Well, that's because it's all about the economy. Everyday spent on other is a distraction.' But what they don't understand is that if you give a speech on foreign affairs you become presidential. That gives you stature.

The problem that Romney has is the fact that people don't see him as a leader or sort of endowed stature when they see him. That was an opportunity that was missed and it remains missed. It's a mystery why Romney can't seize the moment on this.

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