September 28, 2012 Archives

September 28, 2012 Archives

Letterman: If Romney Won't Appear On My Show, "Don't Vote For Him"

"Now here's something that's really stuck up my nose," David Letterman said on the Friday night broadcast of "The Late Show" on CBS. "I mean, 39 days, the presidential election, and we could have a new president in 39 days. Well, the current president, President Obama, was on the show last week. The challenger, Mitch (sic) Romney has not been on th

Sen. Boxer To Tea Party: "Intimidating Voters Is A Federal Offense"

"I know everyone’s paying attention, I know the Obama campaign is ready to act on this. But I realized that there are two important federal laws, the Voting Rights Act, passed in the 60s, and Voter Registration Act passed in the 90s, that have criminal and civil penalties for people who try to intimidate a voter. And I wanted to make sure that th

Krauthammer On Libya: "It's A Mystery Why Romney Can't Seize The Moment On This"

Syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer weighs in on Romney's missed opportunity on Libya. Transcript below. CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, you read the DNI statement today, it's clearly a cover your rump statement for people at the political end of this. The other point is, you read this nonsense that the DNI p

"Special Report" Gives Timeline Of Events Surrounding Attack In Libya

"Special Report" gives a time line of the evolving narrative over the attack at the U.S. consulate in Libya.

Rep. Peter King: U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice Should Resign

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) calls for U.S. ambassador Susan Rice to resign for what he says was misleading comments about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

Mitt Romney: "We're Going To Win Pennsylvania"

You know, I’ve got a little secret here. That is that the Obama campaign thinks Pennsylvania is in their pocket. They don’t need to worry about it. And you’re right, and they’re wrong. We’re going to win Pennsylvania. We are going to take the White House," Mitt Romney said at a campaign event in Wayne, Pennsylvania today.

UPDATE: MSNBC Caught Wrongfully Presenting Clip From Romney/Ryan Rally puts together a clip that ties MSNBC's "Morning Joe" misreporting the story of the Romney/Ryan rally, Pat & Stu of Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" radio program getting a call notifying them of MSNBC's actions and a C-SPAN clip of the rally as it happened. MSNBC emailed the following response to RealClearPolitics: "This stor

Rollins On Romney: "Game Is Over" If Romney Doesn't Do Well In Debate

“If he doesn’t do well in this debate, the game is over," Ed Rollins said on FOX News today. "There’s a lot of people starting to write it off, the momentum of the polls is going towards the president. He’s got to turn this thing back around. … When we’re sitting here next week, we have to be talking about how well Romney did.”

Sen. John Kerry Playing Mitt Romney In Practice Debates With Obama

MITCHELL: How do you get into the head of Mitt Romney and how do you prepare to play him with President Obama? SEN. JOHN KERRY (D), MASS.: Oh, Andrea, I'm -- you know, I'm just going to listen to what he's saying, but I'm not going to talk much about that process. I think that it's better left to the candidates to resolve when they actually deba

SNL's Thursday Show Mocks Obama Promising Jobs

President Barack Obama campaigns to reassure voters struggling with employment at a rally.

Jon Stewart Rips FOX News Coverage Of Healthy School Lunches

Part one: A federally mandated calorie limit on school lunches causes hungry students to protest smaller, healthier portions and to waste more food than ever. (03:27) Part two: Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity faces lethargic backlash as hungry Kansas students protest school lunch calorie limits. (04:09)

Scott Brown Ad: Elizabeth Warren Got Caught In A Lie

Brown Campaign: Massachusetts voters discuss Elizabeth Warren being "caught in a lie."

O'Reilly: Casual Voters Are Driven By Emotion, Candidates' Likability

O'Reilly discusses the "likability" of the presidential candidates.

Heilemann: Romney Should Have Defended The Individual Mandate

Chris Matthews, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss the state of the Romney campaign and the candidate's position on health care.

Sununu: Obama Holds Some Responsibility For Ambassador Stevens' Death

SUNUNU: What of the key responsibilities of a president is to keep up with the intelligence data that's coming in and what's going on around the world. This president has skipped about 60% of his personal contact presidential daily briefings, the PDB. That document that he skims on his pad is a summary. The key to this briefing is sitting down and

Maddow: Romney's Silence On Security Leaves Duty Unfulfilled

Rachel Maddow reviews some alarming headlines coming from Afghanistan and points out that the most Mitt Romney has managed to muster on the subject has been misguided remarks on suicides among veterans when what America really needs is a robust debate. (The Rachel Maddow Show)

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