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Limbaugh: "There's Not One Person On Our Side Who Will Not Vote Because Of The Romney Campaign"

RUSH LIMBAUGH: But they think that other people on our side will be successfully turned away. They think that stuff is gonna work on weaker minded people than they are. And my point is this. We can't let the other side call the shots on this. The reason why anybody thinks that Obama is ahead -- if they say, "Well, he's not up by eight or ten, but I think he's still winning," it's because they're disappointed in the Romney campaign, and they think that the Romney campaign is so dull that nobody would support it, outside of them. They think that there's nothing memorable. They think there's no energy. And so, since the Romney campaign is so bleak in their minds, [they think] that Obama has to be ahead. Now, I remind 'em, "Do you remember 2010?"


"Well, what happened in 2010? It was a landslide defeat for the Democrats."

Yeah, and there wasn't a Romney --" That's my point. My point to all of it: it doesn't matter. This election's about stopping Barack Obama. That is the animating aspect of this election. And there's not one person -- and don't doubt me on this -- there's not one person on our side who will not vote because of the Romney campaign. People are going to be showing up to stop Barack Obama. They might wish there were some other nominee, but there's nothing we can do about that.

Romney's not a bad guy. Not infinitely preferable, but there's no way that I would not want Romney to be president given these options here. I'm just convinced that more people are gonna be voting to stop this candidate than any poll will ever show. It's just that you don't have the confidence of that. You look at things in your universe and you think, "Oh, my God, Romney's campaign's dull. It can't possibly be jazzing anybody. How can there be any excitement on our side? The Romney campaign's not thrilling anybody." Obama's taken care of that. Three and a half years of Obama have taken care of that.

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