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Father Of Fallen Marine Killed In "Insider Attack" Assails Obama, Says Bring Them Home

On Laura Ingraham's nationally syndicated radio program today, the father of fallen U.S. Marine Greg Buckley Jr., who was killed by an Afghani soldier in an insider attack, spoke out against President Obama and the situation in Afghanistan.

Greg Buckley, Sr.'s son Greg, Jr., died on August 10, when an Afghan Police officer fired multiple AK-47 rounds into his chest as he worked out on an exercise bench at a Marine base in Afghanistan.

"He wrote [his mom and me] basically a goodbye letter at the age of twenty. He knew in his heart and soul that he was not going to be able to come home. For a 20-year-old boy at the time to know this, how could our own government not know this?" Buckley asked.

"I need justice for my son's death," the man said.

"There was no warmth to it, there was no comfort to it… it’s just heart-wrenching that this man would drop the ball on my son, because my son should have been protected when he was there," Buckley said about a form letter he received from President Obama.

"I want justice. I want justice for my son and for these other young men and for these boys and girls to come home immediately," Buckley said.

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