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Krauthammer: Obama's Objective Between Now And Election Is To Ignore All Problems

Charles Krauthammer tangles with Juan Williams on President Obama skipping meetings with world leaders during the UN General Assembly.

KRAUTHAMMER: I think the main reason that he's not going to meet with foreign leaders is the Israeli conundrum, the fact he said that he said that he doesn't want to meet with Netanyahu. Despite the denials of the White House it's obvious what is going on here, the Israelis are willing to meet in Washington or in New York. Would have made it the story, had he met, let's say for example had he met with the president of Egypt it would have been, 'He meets with the head of Muslim Brotherhood but not with the head of our closest ally or even a country of less importance. So I think that that was the driving element.

And the other is he doesn't want to make errors which can happen when you are on the air, when you're doing a live photo-op or you're answering questions at a time when all he's interested in is the re-election. That means soft, you know, soft exposure on the air like The View or Letterman and raising money, that's what he does.

His objective between now and November is that nothing happens in the world, as if he can stop it, ignore the Middle East, ignore the Iranian problem, ignore the debt ceiling and the cliff. Ignore everything so that you can get over the finish line and then expect the world to respond to us.

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