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Palin: If Our Fearless Leaders Insist On Waving The White Flag, Then Bring Our Troops Home

Sarah Palin, on FOX News Thursday night: In the midst of this apology tour, we see our embassies in the Middle East under siege. So how is that U.S. apology tour working out for you, Mr. President?

Look, if our fearless leaders insist on waving the white flag like this, then they need to bring our troops home from the Middle East. No more blood, no more U.S. treasure spent, not one drop if those in control of our troops' lives and our tax dollars going into things like this are going to capitulate -- wait, apologize for our First Amendment rights of ours, freedom of speech that our troops are over there fighting for. Sean, our Commender in Chief is contradicting what we believe our troops' mission is, which is to protect freedom.

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