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Corn On Romney Video Timing: Wanted To Figure Out "How We Can Use It"

David Corn, the liberal commentator from Mother Jones, explains to Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz how he obtained the much talked undercover Romney video that was taken at a fundraiser for the candidate earlier this year. James Carter IV, grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, was one of Corn's sources.

"Carter looked at this clip that came out, and said, 'Let's find this guy,'" Corn said in the interview with Kurtz, explaining the genesis of the Romney tape.

"He started digging, made contact with the source and without knowing what the source had, he then put me in touch with him. And then -- you've done this, Howie, I spent you know, two weeks or so going back and forth with him. 'What do you have? How can we use it?' And finally convincing him, let me see the whole tape and giving me access to it.

"I don't know," Corn told Kurtz when he asked if he thought the source wanted to collaborate with him because he was a Romney critic.

"He’s told me he read my books and he was familiar with the earlier Bain stories that I had done, which were investigative, and he was impressed by that," Corn said.

"I don't think so," Corn said when Kurtz asked if there was an ideological aspect about this. "I mean, my guess is, I haven't asked, is that he's left-of-center. But, what I'm told is this was not a hit job or an infiltration. You know, he didn't go there looking to get Romney, he just thought it would be kind of interesting -- you know, he was in the room with a presidential candidate."

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