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Andrea Mitchell: NBC Hasn't "Authenticated" Obama Redistribution Clip, Won't Air

On her MSNBC program this afternoon, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell said the network would not air the clip of then-State Senator Barack Obama endorsing redistribution in 1988 because the network could not "authenticate" the clip.

"Let's explain this redistribution issue because we have not authenticated this 14-year-old tape from Loyola College when Barack Obama was a state senator. So because we have not independently at NBC news and MSNBC authenticated it, we're not airing it," Mitchell said.

"But the basic issue is they're accusing President Obama, as John Sununu said to be yesterday, of class warfare. That is trying to change the subject," Mitchell added.

UPDATE (@2:31PM ET):: MSNBC's Tamron Hall just announced on air that the network has now authenticated the tape.

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