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Allen West: Rice Is "Asinine, Naive, Inept, Incompetent And Borderline Ignorant"

Rep. ALLEN WEST (R-Fla.) on FOX News' Justice with Judge Jeanine Sunday night: Well, it's very simple. When I listened to the UN ambassador Susan Rice today several words came to mind: asinine, naive, inept, incompetent and borderline ignorant. Because when you understand that the Egyptian government, their intelligence services, put out a letter talking about the potential threat of an attack, uprisings, about a week before this. It was even printed in the Jerusalem Post on 9/11.

And anyhow, I can tell you Judge, being in the combat zones several times after 9/11, we were always on a higher state of security and alertness on 9/11. It should have been the exact same thing here. And for Susan Rice to say this was not a well coordinated attack -- first of all, I have to ask her what is her line of expertise in understanding what a well coordinated attack is because this was not happenstance, it was not coincidence. It was well planned, well coordinated and the president there in Libya confirms that.

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