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Maher: Debt Was Never A Problem Until "President Blackenstein" Was Elected

"How come the debt problem wasn't a problem before Obama?" Bill Maher asked on his HBO program "Real Time" this Friday. "It was not mentioned by anyone on the right. Bush never paid for anything."

"Isn't it also true that when Bush was president he didn't pay for anything and that was okay because he was white? He had good credit. Suddenly when President Blackenstein gets in office, he has no credit at all. He's got to pay everything with cash," Maher said.

"It's not because he's black. It's not that you're black, we just don't know you," Maher joked.

"Well it was on the table with the grownups and the Tea Party wouldn't let the grownups do it. It was on the table. Obama and John Boehner wanted a deal and the screaming babies with the tea shit hanging in their heads said no. That's what happened," Maher said about a proposed debt deal between Obama and Boehner.

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