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Ralph Peters: "The Obama Administration Let Its Guard Down"

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: The Obama administration is telling more lies than a teenage boy in a backseat. Of course they're planned attacks. It's not an accident that both of these attacks happened on Sept. 11, thank you. The Obama administration let its guard down. Our only preventive action was to apologize to Muslims for offending them once again. These attacks obviously were planned. We knew the one in Cairo was coming because we evacuated the embassy, sent people home. The government knew it was coming and didn't stop it because they're in a ratings battle between the Salafist extremists behind this riot and the Muslim Brotherhood about who's more Islamist or who's a greater supporter of Islam.

And then we have President Obama in the Rose Garden speech, as you noted, never mentioning Egypt because he wants to shift away from our failed, the administration's failed Egyptian policy. You've got the administration covering up for all the apologies. President Obama comes as close as he can to another apology, saying, 'Oh, we reject all attacks on religion' -- I'm sorry, I forget the exact language. I seem to remember candidate Obama attacking Christians who believe in guns and God, but, you know, we reject all attacks on religion, blah, blah.

This is a series of carefully planned attacks staged resulting in the brutal murder of our ambassador and three other embassy personnel. I don't blame the Libyan government. They're weak, they're under threat, their hearts are in the right place. The Egyptian government, which we give billions of dollars a year, refused to protect our embassy. Now the Obama administration needs to forget that there's an election in two months, get serious about protecting Americans, protecting our embassies and about our foreign policy. And oh, by the way, let's not rush to throw Israel under the bus.

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