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Coulter: Embassy Breach Shows Obama Is "Utterly Naive On Foreign Policy"

Ann Coulter on Obama's handling of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya.

Coulter: I think you can drop that whole part about it being inspired by the low-budget movie. Come on, give me a break, it's 9/11. I noticed it was 9/11, why didn't the Obama administration notice it was 9/11? And let's go back farther to the naiveté of the typical Democratic administration, which is this idea that Egypt and Libya, the uprisings that looks -- you know, with men running around shooting in the air, that that was somehow going to lead to a democracy.

A revolution that looks like the L.A. riots is not going to lead to anything good. I knew that last March. I was on your show saying that last month. Why didn't the administration know that this was inevitable. It is exactly like Jimmy Carter, forget Neville Chamberlain. All we need with this guy now -- he's wrecked the economy, he's utterly naive on foreign policy, we just need a killer rabbit chasing him.

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