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MSNBC Host: People Gave Obama Unrealistic "Supernatural Abilities"

MSNBC's Krystal Ball: In terms of the president, in a way I think his speech last night is representative of his entire first administration in that he had the expectations for him in this speech were so high. There was no way that anyone -- I mean, people, I think, expected him to rotate the planets. There was no way he could meet those expectations. I think in a lot of ways his first term has been a reckoning between the fact between the fact that here's this guy, such an improbable rise, so rapid, so meteoric that people really sort of ascribed to him supernatural abilities that were just totally unrealistic.

So his entire first term, there's been a reckoning between what a person can actually do in this office versus the supernatural vision of him during the election. And this speech is representative, too. I think it was a very good speech. I think there were incredibly solid moments. I think it accomplished what he needed to accomplish, but there was no way he could meet the expectations that people have for him.

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