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Ed Schultz On Obama's Speech: "He Made Me Feel Good Tonight"

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: I thought the President tonight had one of his strongest finishes, very passionate. But, tonight, the President went after where he has been attacked and mocked by the right-wing about hope and change. He specifically pointed out what is different in this country under his leadership - the health care; the education; the immigration; and the don't ask, don't tell. And he is -- was referring back to the people who had spoken previously in this convention, very well, coordinated convention, very well-coordinated message.

And about the hope, he put it on the American people. He made me feel good tonight. He made the American people feel good tonight and he gave us confidence. He pointed out what we've been through, what we can get through and where we're going. It was a very visionary speech and it was vintage Barack Obama.

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