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Tom Brokaw Denies Existence Of Liberal Media Bias

SEAN HANNITY: Conservatives like myself, for years, have pointed out media bias. Do you understand why we say that? And I do a whole - I do an example every week, we do media mash - and we show the mainstream media, in particular, and show examples of just how biased they are. I think, one of the reasons FOX is popular is because of that.

TOM BROKAW: I think you have a bias to the right. So, I think that that…

SEAN HANNITY: I am the only outspoken conservative here…

TOM BROKAW: I know. I do! I think that Roger, when he put this together, I have known him a long time, he knew exactly what was doing. He knew there was a big audience out there who wanted to have their points of view reaffirmed on a daily basis or on a nightly basis. Sure, from time to time, there will be people

SEAN HANNITY: From time to time, or pretty regularly?

TOM BROKAW: Bias is the wrong word.

SEAN HANNITY: What's the word?

TOM BROKAW: The right word is trying to have a big picture over a long period of time. You can take a moment and say, well that was biased reporting, but maybe what the reporter found out at that time. That is what interpretation seemed fair to everyone at the moment. And then we find out over time. Look, I’ve been doing this for a long time. During the 1960s, in the civil rights movement, I was called a communist. I was called a reporter for Pravda because I was covering civil rights.

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