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Libtalker Tina Dupuy: GOP Convention "Nicest Klan Rally" Ever

Update: The original version of this article noted host Stephanie Miller made these comments. That was incorrect. It was Tina Dupuy, the guest, who likened the GOP convention to a Klan rally.

Stephanie Miller, Host: We're obviously in our third hour of this party... Only third hour, right?

Tina Dupuy, guest: Yeah, this is, like, my ninth day... So. I'm sorry, third hour.

Miller: Oh, yes. You did the RNC too?

Dupuy: Yeah, wasn't that the nicest klan rally you've ever seen? It was awesome. It was so awesome.

Miller: They were just so nice!

Dupuy: No, they had different colors. It was like the Village People, though, it was like a skip.

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