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Love: Obama Rates His Success On "How Much Money He Is Divvying Out"

Mia Love: Well it’s interesting, because what his policy did was incentivize bad behavior and punish good behavior. Somehow, it’s not ok - they removed the incentives for people to actually go out and work - and not lose everything. And what we’re doing is we are crippling Americans, and saying “We’re just going to hand you a paycheck and you don’t have to do anything about it.”

Monica Crowley: And that also fits right in to Obama’s strategy, which he has carried out over the last three and a half years, of making as many people as possible dependent on government, right?

Mia Love: Well, we spend $900 Billion on poverty programs that are supposed to end poverty, but it continues to grow and grow and grow, which tells you it’s not working. This President would rather rate his success on how much money he’s divvying out than actually rating his success on how many people actually need those programs.

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