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Ann Romney On Campaign: "It Is Going To Be Tough, But I've Done Tougher"

On FOX & Friends on Friday, Ann Romney says she thought her husband's acceptance speech was "fantastic."

"I was so thrilled because of the tone that he had. It was a serious tone. He talked a lot about where he was, where he was coming from. What kind of a guy he is. I want America to see that side of Mitt. It was such a great night for me because there was so many testimonials there of people that knew us and have known us all these years, and saw Mitt giving service where there was no camera, no lights, no recording. And that to me was so powerful because that’s what my children saw. They saw their father living by example. They didn’t learn from a textbook that you help out your father. They saw their dad doing it. And to me – I was so grateful for that night, so that the rest of America can have a peek into this guy’s life.”

She is also asked about the challenges of the campaign.

“I think that was part of why I decided four years ago that I never wanted to do this again," she said. "It’s pretty tough on families. But, I also made another decision when we decided to go forward that I was going to keep positive in my own soul and about where we were coming from. Be resolute, be firm, be committed to a better future for America and you are not going to knock me off and I know why we are doing this. I know how important this is and I know how important this is for America. And yes, it is going to be tough but I’ve done tougher.”

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