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Palin: U.S. On "A Path Toward Fewer Freedoms And Orchestrated Chaos"

"He has broken so many promises," fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) said on FOX News tonight. "Remember, he promised that ObamaCare wasn't a tax, and yet we find out now that it's the largest tax in U.S. history on the middle class. So many broken promises. The only one he's kept that is he will fundamentally transform America to something, really, we don't recognize."

"No, don't be surprised, Sean, about these broken promises; just seems to be kind of the nature of the beast, of this administration. And again, though, we have opportunity to take it back, to turn things around. And these people who still have that addiction to the hope-ium that he had promised, that hopey-changey stuff that really was bogus four years ago. Well, they have 71 days to open up their eyes and realize the path that he has put on us, it's a path toward insolvency, it's a path toward fewer freedoms and, really, orchestrated chaos and bankruptcy," Palin said to Sean Hannity.

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