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Krauthammer: "Obama Can't Change The Economy But Romney Can Change Likeability"

Charles Krauthammer: I think he's got to be real. I think that's the problem. If you look at the objective conditions of this election, Obama shouldn't be anywhere near in a tie with Mitt Romney, he should be 20 points behind. But it's like Carter and Reagan in 1980 where on the objective conditions, Carter should have been way back but he wasn't. People just weren't sure if Reagan was presidential, he wasn't an extremist, et cetera.

Romney, the reason he's neck and neck, is people don't really know him and see him as stiff and they're not quite sure they want to change horses. And that's why he has an opportunity that Obama doesn't. Obama's going to make a speech next week, but everybody's heard him a hundred times. It's not an important speech. He made 37 speeches on healthcare alone. But Romney's gong to be his one shot to let people see he is human; he's not robotic, that he cares. It's about this empathy business and it's the reason Obama is up by 20-30 points over Romney on being likeable.


And Obama can't change the economy but Romney can change likeability. That's why the election is in his hands.

Obama stopped with the economy he's got, that's not going to change. People know who he is. Romney has his chance.

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