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Todd On The Media: "The Fact Is We Are Under-Covering The Economy"

Chuck Todd, NBC News: The entire political community should be held accountable for this, including the Romney campaign. They’ve lost some traction on the economy and I don’t know why.

Laura Ingraham: But you don’t think the fact that the most, not all, but most in the media establishment have spent the last 48 plus hours obsessing about the comments of one Republican senatorial candidate trying to tar the pro-life movement, Paul Ryan, all of it, with the comments of one man. You don’t think that gets in the way of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney speaking about economic renewal?

Todd: Well, this is a chicken and egg conversation. This is a distraction. I don’t think it’s a distraction you can quote, blame on the media on this one. It’s not media bias, it’s media, it’s what they’re covering, and the fact is we are under-covering the economy, we are under-covering -- but you cover the campaign that is in front of you.

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