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Palin Suggests Third Party Candidate To Stop Akin In Missouri

"Bless his heart, I don't want to pile on Todd Akin, because in some respects I understand what he's trying to say here, and standing on principle, that he doesn't want to be perceived as a quitter. But you got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them," fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin said on FOX News today.

"Believe me. I've walked it before. I know when you have to hold that mantle and then hand it to someone else in order to progress a positive agenda. That's what I had to do in Alaska. In order to take back the Senate and promote the ideas and policies of respecting and protecting the sanctity of human life. And respecting the idea and policies that would perpetuate a strong economy based on empowering hard-working individuals instead of growing dysfunctional indebted government, we have to take back the Senate, and Missouri is a must-win state. The way we do that is to have someone like Sarah Steelman be able to run, even if it's as a third-party candidate, to be able to run and take this back," Palin said.

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