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LaBolt: Obama Strengthened Medicare; Romney Would Bankrupt Medicare

Ben LaBolt, Obama campaign spokesman, on Medicare under Obama and Romney.

BEN LABOLT: The savings that were identified in the program were unnecessary subsidies to insurance companies, waste, and fraud within the system. This doesn't cut benefits for seniors, it enhances benefits for seniors. It puts those savings back in the program to extend the life of Medicare. To get rid of the prescription drug donut hole so that seniors can have $600 on their prescription drugs each year, and to provide them free access to preventative services. If Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan had their way, Medicare would go bankrupt by the end of their first term. The prescription drug donut hole would go back in the program, charging seniors $600 more out of pocket, and once they fully implement their initiative, it would be the end of Medicare as we know it. It would turn it into a voucher program and cost seniors $6400 more out-of-pocket each year.

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