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Hannity Urges Akin To Consider Dropping Out In Interview With Him

In an interview with nationally syndicated radio talk show host Sean Hannity this afternoon beleaguered U.S. Senate hopeful Todd Akin (R-Missouri) said he is staying in the race despite controversy and widespread condemnation of his remarks on rape.

"I'm announcing today that we're going to stay in," Akin said on the radio.

This led Hannity to ask if he is thinking about anyone but himself.

"As a political observer I see it differently here. I think for the next week all you're going to hear from Democrats is your comments. And, look, I'm a Christian so I believe in forgiveness. And I can just tell by the sound of your voice that you're very sincere in your apology. But I also -- I think there is one political reality that I think has to be faced by you and your campaign and that is that you know, the reality here is that Democrats now have a ton of ammunition and they are now going to try to use these remarks to hurt everybody they can. And if I was put in that position, I would at least be thinking about what is in the best interest of the party. hat is in the best interest of, you know, Mitt Romney in this case. What is in the best interest of the people of Missouri, are they going to be able to hear a campaign about issues or is this going to be the distraction of the campaign. Are you -- you're not even considering that?" Hannity asked.

"Those are all legitimate points, Sean, and you know I'm trained as an engineer and you look at both sides of the equation and you say, 'You know, what are the pros and the cons?' On the other side, here you have somebody who is a conservative, unabashed pro-lifer where as Claire McCaskill is the exact opposite. And you got a real contrast and a simple choice for the people of the state of Missouri. And I think that strong voting record and that record that is the exact opposite of hers -- the question is, does that overcome, you know, the question of people that are upset over one word spoken in one day in one sentence. And I think that there is an awful of people that believe in mercy and forgiveness and God's love. I made a single error in one sentence," Akin said.

"But I think that the people of Missouri are big enough to take a look at the whole package and say, 'Hey, this Obama is about to break our country and Claire McCaskill is a rubber stamp for him and so we need somebody who is going to take the fight to them. And I believe that we're going to do that," Akin added.

Akin would have to drop out by 5p.m. tomorrow or his name will remain on the ballot no matter what.

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