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Robert Gibbs: "The Notion That This President Is Somehow Not Doing Interviews Is Ridiculous"

Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs struggles to explain President Obama's lack of interviews with the White House press corps in recent months.

CHRIS WALLACE: He's held one news conference at the White House this year. That was back in March, more than five months ago. And why is it that he refused to release documents to Congress, invoked Executive Privilege, on Operation Fast And Furious.

ROBERT GIBBS: Well, let's talk about the situation of interviewing the President. Let me give you some statistics. I wrote them down so I wouldn't get them wrong. In the month of August, and we're only 19 days into August, the President has done 13 local TV interviews.

WALLACE: Yes. That includes Entertainment Tonight. That includes being asked about what his favorite workout song was...

GIBBS: Eleven radio interviews and five roundtable interviews with fifteen journalists.

WALLACE: Why not sit down with the White House Press Corps?

GIBBS: Look, I think the President... And the President did take a question from the White House Press Corps regarding the shooting that happened in Wisconsin.

WALLACE: A question?

GIBBS: Look, Chris. I think the White House Press Corps, I've spent a little time in the Press Room, I think the White House Press Corps has good questions, but so do local TV stations in Iowa and Colorado and Ohio who don't regularly get to ask the President questions. Look, the notion that this President is somehow not doing interviews is ridiculous Not long ago, we were answering questions from the Republicans that somehow Barack Obama was too overexposed.

WALLACE: We're looking forward to our first interview of his Presidency here at FOX News Sunday.

GIBBS: Well I know that the President has spent time with Bret Baier, I believe you interviewed the President at the White House when I was there, is that correct?

WALLACE: Yes, that's true, back in February. One month into his Presidency...

GIBBS: Not too bad!

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