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MSNBC, Politico, WaPo Reporters Complain About Biden Campaign Control Of Press

Politico's Jonathan Martin and Washington Post's Chris Cillizza talk to NBC's Chuck Todd about the Obama-Biden campaign's control over reporters and the pool report on Todd's MSNBC program, "The Daily Rundown."

The pool report is a brief memo that is usually written by one reporter that goes out to members of the press who were not able to make it to an event where the president or vice president attended. The pool report often contains a few lines that the president or vice president, or POTUS/VPOTUS as it is often written in the pool reports, said. Sometimes gaffes made by the candidates are included in the report.

Martin says that as of late the Biden campaign team has gone through pool reports and then tells the reporter what is okay and what is not okay to print.

As Martin and Chuck Todd note, this is a memo that is by the press and for the press.

"The Biden aides are trying to edit what's in there while it's been drafted, and then after you send it to them and they're reviewing it, they're looking for potential land mines," Martin revealed.

"By the way, the only reason it gets sent through them, and I think we're going to have to change the system -- this is an outrage that they do this! The only reason we send it to them is it's the fastest distribution to the press," Chuck Todd said.

"It's remarkable," Chris Cillizza said, shaking his head.

"It's a reflection of how much the Biden staff is determined to police him and really save him from himself," Martin observed.

Martin then revealed a moment where the press, after a shooting, asked Joe Biden about the loss of his own child. Martin said his team tried to push him away from the press to prevent him from answering that question, but he ended up shouting over his own people to make a statement to the press.

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