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Carney: Biden's Chain Comment "Distraction" From Real Issues; Obama's Dog Comment Was A "Joke"

At today's briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney says the focus on Vice President Joe Biden's comment on "chains" is a distraction from "policy issues," then moments later said President Obama's remark about putting a dog carrier on the roof of a car was a "joke."

Jay Carney on VP Joe Biden's "chains" remark: "You know he was talking -- if you look at what he said -- about Wall Street reform. About, you know, the desire of some to put banks and Wall Street back in charge of your financial transactions in life. That's not what this president believes is the right policy.

"We understand that there are going to be efforts to distract attention from the policy debates because the other side is losing these policy debates pretty overwhelmingly but we're going to keep talking about the policy issues."

Jake Tapper, ABC News: "The president the other day made three allusions to Mitt Romney putting his dog on his roof. Is that part of this important policy debate?"

Jay Carney on President Obama cracking a joke about dogs on top of cars: "I think he made one allusion in three different speeches that was a joke. Just like the Romney campaign campaign and others have joked about the fact that in the president's memoir he talked about, as a boy, eating dog meat in Indonesia because that is something that is done there. I think a little levity is a little different from the kind of ridiculous charges that are being made here.

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