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Krauthammer: Paul Ryan Should Declare His Plan "History"

"I thought he handled it well," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said in reaction to Brit Hume's interview with Paul Ryan. "I think having him out there showing how affable he is, how much he knows, how he can explain, he can deflect and respond to all the arguments about how Republicans are hard-hearted and want to just help the rich and kick grandma into the curb. All of that, he handles very well."

"He's got one problem and I think hey knew this was a problem going in," the FOX News contributor observed. "The details of the Ryan plan have some things that don't mesh with what Romney is running on, and which are a little harder to defend. And I think what Ryan has to say is, 'Look, I proposed the plan in Congress. It was a congressional plan. It was rejected by the Democratic Senate and by the president. It is now history. I can defend it if you want, but it is complicated. It's got to do with the baseline, CBO estimate and all that. The active plan right now, what we are running -- what the country is going to see -- is the Romney plan. I'm going to explain that.'"

"Because as you heard with the interview with Brit, he was saying that the Romney plan abolishes all these raiding of the Medicare trust fund that happens for Obamacare. But the Ryan plan in Congress did not. So he's going to simply say, 'I can explain it but it's not relevant. It's history. I'm running under the Romney plan and that's it,'" Krauthammer said.

"Otherwise he is going to end up in the weeds and distracted. And they have to stay on the attack, especially on Medicare," Krauthammer concluded.

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