August 14, 2012 Archives

August 14, 2012 Archives

Brit Hume Interviews Paul Ryan On Budget, Medicare And Tax Cuts

In his first one-on-one interview since being named Romney's Vice Presidential Candidate, Paul Ryan (R-WI) sits down in Denver, with FNC's Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume, to discuss Medicare, Obamacare, Budget Balancing, and Tax Cuts. Paul Ryan on Medicare: "We’re the ones who are offering a plan to save Medicare, to protect Medicare, to s

Palin: Romney "Has A Responsibility To Take Gloves Off" Against Obama

"Governor Romney is on the right track and kind of taking some gloves off saying enough is enough of the failed policies of Obama, as reflected even by the failed messaging through their campaign," fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin said to Greta van Susteren on FOX News Channel tonight. "It is a negative, dirty campaign coming from the Obama administration,

Romney To Obama: "Take Your Campaign Of Division And Anger And Hate Back To Chicago"

"Everywhere I go in America, there are monuments that list those who have given their lives for liberty. There's no mention of their race, their party affiliation or what they did for a living. They lived and died under a single flag fighting for a single purpose. They pledged allegiance to the United States of America," Mitt Romney said at a campa

Krauthammer On Biden "Chain" Comment: "Is It A Big F'ing Deal? I Don't Know."

"Look, this guy is so off the wall that he is able to make lifetime of gaffes and he doesn't get attacked for it because nobody expects any better. You know, it's just the crazy uncle in the attic, as Ross Perot used to say," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight. "He turns out to be the crazy uncle in the att

Paul Ryan Rejects Ayn Rand's Objectivism Philosophy

Brit Hume, FOX News: What is your view of Ayn Rand? Are you an Ayn Rand disciple? Rep. Paul Ryan: No. I really enjoyed her novels, Atlas Shrugged in particular. It triggered my interest in economics. That's where I got into studying economics. That's why I wanted to study the whole field of economics. I later in life learned about what her p

Biden Responds: "If You Want To Know What's Outrageous, It's Their Policies"

Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks in Wytheville, VA. "We don't have to imagine anymore. The details are there. Here's what Congressman Ryan said. He said, 'We believe a renewed commitment to limited government will unshackle our economy.' The Speaker of the House said, used the word 'unshackled' as well, referring to their proposals. The

Krauthammer: Paul Ryan Should Declare His Plan "History"

"I thought he handled it well," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said in reaction to Brit Hume's interview with Paul Ryan. "I think having him out there showing how affable he is, how much he knows, how he can explain, he can deflect and respond to all the arguments about how Republicans are hard-hearted and want to just help the rich and k

Flashback: Obama Calls For "Serious Discussion" On Entitlements Without Attacking Opponents, Scaring Seniors

From President Obama's remarks at the GOP House Issues Conference on January 29, 2010: If the main question is going to be what do we do about Medicare costs, any proposal that Paul makes will be painted, factually, from the perspective of those who disagree with it, as cutting benefits over the long term. Paul, I don't think you disagree with tha

CNN: Senior Obama Official Said Biden's Comment "Not Helpful" And Knocked Campaign Off Message

"Publicly, Obama aides are defending the Vice President. Privately, they're not so happy," CNN's John King said about Biden's "chain" comment. "Privately, though, I just had an email exchange, Wolf, with a senior Obama cam

Rove, Trippi Break Down August's Electoral Map

Colorado goes from Lean Obama to toss-up. Connecticut goes from Obama to Lean Obama. Georgia and Missouri go from Romney to Lean Romney. Arizona moves into the Romney column.

Jon Stewart Rips Media Reaction To Paul Ryan Pick

Daily Show: Paul Ryan's vice presidential nomination raises serious campaign issues such as fishing pole shortages and the influence of late-night infomercials. (04:41)

CNN Anchor Caught Using Liberal Blog As Resource Against Republican

Viral Read: Tonight, she was the substitute host for Anderson Cooper, a program that boasts of its reputation for “keeping [politicians] honest.” During her interview with Virginia House of Delegates Republican member Barbara Comstock, O’Brien

Cutter On Biden Remark: "We Have No Problem With Those Comments"

Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter says the campaign has "no problem" with Vice President Joe Biden's comment about putting people back in chains. "I think he probably agrees with Joe Biden's sentiments," Cutt

Sununu To CNN Anchor: "Put An Obama Bumper Sticker On Your Forehead"

Sununu To Soledad O'Brien: You are aiding and abetting his dishonesty. Paul Ryan and Republicans did pass a bill to take care of the drought problem, but it's the Democratic Senate that hasn't passed it. And so when you show that clip and you show the President lying through his teeth, then you are aiding and abetting a distortion. Sununu To Sol

Biden On Romney: "They're Going To Put Y'all Back In Chains"

Vice President Joe Biden told supporters that Republicans would “put y’all back in chains,” during a campaign speech Tuesday in Danville, Va. VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: They’ve said it. Every Republican’s voted for it. Look at what they value and look at their budget and what they’re proposing. Romney wants to let the—he said in the

Obama Web Ad: Mitt Romney's False Welfare Reform Attack Ads

Obama Campaign: Mitt Romney says he wants to run on the issues. But the ads he's running are false welfare reform attack ads. Here's what the reviews are saying about these ads: -"Politifact, gives this the rating as pants on fire, which means really really false." -"No, absolutely no truth to it." -"Its another misleading ad about th

Alan Grayson: Ryan Plan Will "Throw Grandma From The Train"

Former Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) on Rep. Ryan's fiscal policies and what they mean for seniors. Grayson says, "Seniors are waking up and realizing Republicans really want to take your social security money and hand it over to Wall Street." Stephanie says this is a game changer in a bad way for the Republican Party. Grayson says that democrats

O'Reilly: Ryan Pick Is A Good Move By Romney

O'Reilly discusses Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan.

Krauthammer: Obama Isn't Serious About Medicare Reform

The panel discusses President Obama and Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal.

Obama Hits Romney For Putting Dog Carrier On Top Of Car

"You can't drive a car with a windmill on it. Now, I don't know if he's actually tried that. I know he's had other things on his car," President Obama said at a campaign event in Iowa about Mitt Romney and wind power.

Obama TV Ad: "Get Real, Mitt"

Voiceover: "Mitt Romney on how to pay for college and start a business..." Mitt Romney: "Take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents'" Voiceover: "Hope they can afford it." "Romney's plans could cut college aid for nearly ten million students and eliminate the tax deduction for college tuition." "Pre

Matthews: How Can Romney Support Ryan, But Not His Budget?

Chris Matthews and his panelists discuss Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan.

O'Donnell: Romney Has Killed The Ryan Budget

Lawrence O'Donnell, Ezra Klein and Bruce Bartlett discuss the future of Paul Ryan's budget.

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