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Dan Rather: Paul Ryan Is "Toxic" For The Ticket

"I've been covering politics since way before Tim Tebow was born," Dan Rather, the disgraced former anchor for CBS' "Evening News" said on the Monday night broadcast of MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow" program. "But these things unfold as time goes on. And while right now Ryan looks like he is toxic for the ticket, it could be as we get deeper in the campaign, that this intelligent man, he is intelligent and serious man, will show something that people do not now see."

"In the early going, in the early going, Ryan damages the ticket because rightly or wrongly, he's perceived as someone out to kill Medicare and Medicaid, and for that matter, doesn't feel all that good about Social Security," Rather said. "Now, this is toxic in Florida. I'm not saying Romney will lose Florida. I'm saying that as of today, he has less chance of carrying it than he had before."

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