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Rush Limbaugh: Romney Needs To Get Rid Of Eric Fehrnstrom

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I have been begging Romney to do this. I have been begging Romney to do this since he became the front runner in the primaries. When I applauded Newt during the primaries, during the debates, it is because he went ideological. You remember one of the biggest events...? I think it was the South Carolina primary debate. Newt got one of the biggest standing Os, and the first one was when he explained the conservative view about work and how we don't want anybody denied a job.

We want people to be able to go to schools to actually learn things, to be able to read the diploma, and come out and own the business. Remember how the place stood up? He got a couple of other standing Os afterwards. He went ideological. He talked about ideas. This is the foundation. When you learned about all this in junior high, Government 101 or Civics 101, whatever they called it, they covered this. The way it was taught to me, anyway -- and it was naive, admittedly.

But it was the people with the best ideas won elections. It had nothing to do with who ran the dirtiest campaign or had the most money or any of that. This is the idealistic stage when you're being taught this stuff. But it still works. Ideas matter, ideas triumph, particularly when you believe them and can explain them. That's when you become persuasive. I told Byron York... This did not make his cut, by the way, in the piece at the Washington Examiner.

I said, "All Romney has to do is to get some real conservatives as his spokespeople and this problem won't happen anymore." We don't need the Etch-a-Sketch guy and we don't need people who are not ideological. I've even used the word. I have begged Romney and the Republican Party at large: "Would you please say this is ideological? Would you please start thinking in terms of ideology?" Say "Democrats are liberals," and that alone tells everybody all they need to know about what somebody in politics plans to do.

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