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Limbaugh Blasts Howard Fineman Over "Lose Global Power Gracefully" Tweet

RUSH: I made mention of something at the end of yesterday's program. You may not have heard it. Howard Fineman. He's always been at Newsweek, for as long as I've been doing this, Howard Fineman's been at Newsweek, but he's not a Newsweek anymore. He's now over at the Huffing and Puffington Post. And he occasionally still has his guest shot over there at MSNBC.

Now, Howard Fineman once came in and did a week-long tag-along with me as he was writing a cover story on me for Newsweek in the mid-nineties. And then on Thursday of that week, TIME Magazine got whiff of it, so they ran their own cover of me, just a picture. There wasn't really a story on me. But when Newsweek heard TIME had learned they were gonna do the cover, they broomed it, they didn't do it. But, anyway, I spent a week with this guy. He's from Pittsburgh. Now, he's obviously a lib, and he's a Democrat, but I never thought he was nuts. I never thought he was part of this crop of Democrats. But then I saw that he tweeted something, which has totally changed my opinion of Howard Fineman. He tweeted: "Brits long ago lost their empire, powerful currency. They've got social strife, but overall show us how to lose global power gracefully."

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