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Wasserman Schultz: "This Election Should Not Be About Defeating Barack Obama"

STEPHANOPOULOS: So it's clear you are not going to repudiate that charge from Harry Reid. One final question, President Obama celebrating his birthday. He got a little present from the RNC, was sent to the Democratic National Committee over the weekend. I want to show it. Birthday cake saying, "you didn't bake this. Happy birthday, Mr. President." Do you think the president is going to be able to shake "you didn't build this" line?

SCHULTZ: I think that it would be great if Republicans would make sure that they weren't supporting cuts in investment like education, like infrastructure, like all the things that we know help businesses thrive. President Obama has always been committed to making sure that small businesses have an opportunity to thrive, large businesses. That's why he pushed through 18 different tax breaks for small business owners.

But I know President Obama has also backed up that support with action by supporting investments in infrastructure, education, the Internet and the economy, so that businesses have more of an opportunity to thrive, while Republicans support slashing, and Mitt Romney supports major cuts in those kinds of programs, which would harm businesses' ability to thrive.

That's the choice we have got in this election. Do we want to continue moving in the direction that President Obama has taken? 29 straight months of job growth in the private sector, a president who wants a balanced approach to deficit reduction. Asked folks to pay a little bit more who can, so that we can make sure we can make those investments in education and the economy.

We're all in this together. This election should not be about defeating Barack Obama. It should be about getting the economy turned around, and that's what Barack Obama is committed to.

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